In the mid 1990’s Big D Ranch began using Brangus bulls on the Big D Ranch DeSalvoAngus based commercial herd. Seeing the exceptional benefits of the “Ultrablack” cattle we choose to pursue the registered Ultrablack Breed. In 2005 Big D Ranch purchased its first set of registered Brangus females which were bred to Angus bulls. The spring 2006 landed the first registered Ultrablack calves to hit the ground on the ranch. Since that time Big D Ranch has focused on the development of registered Ultrablack Bulls and Heifers. Successfully utilizing artificial insemination along with careful genetic selection and ultrasound data we continue to advance our registered Ultrablack cattle. Big D Ranch is committed to providing the finest Ultrablack cattle, to supply commercial cattlemen with an opportunity to get an unsurpassed genetic package.


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We are excited to let you know that Big D Ranch will be consigning 12 Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls to the Joplin Regional Stockyard Replacement cow and Bull sale on Saturday November 26 @ noon. This offering of Bulls will give your operation the efficiency, longevity, structural correctness and power to move forward in the cattle industry. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding the Bulls that will be offered.