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“The Story and the Vision”

Big D Ranch is a cattle operation that has farming roots 5 generations deep. This way of life runs deep in our blood. For over 7 decades the commercial cow herd has continued to grow and thrive.  In 2005 we purchased our first set of registered Brangus females. The spring of 2006 we had some of the first registered Ultrablack calves in the IBBA registry. However, my vision of the “whole package” was not yet complete, so I continued to search for the pieces that would help fill in the puzzle. Over the past 10 years Big D Ranch has added genetics to our existing registered herd to make what we started better and better with each generation that hits the ground.  We continue to keep our eyes to the future by providing you with an offering that can put your pieces in place and Build Your Tomorrow. Here at Big D Ranch the commercial cattlemen is always first and foremost, simply because that was and still is our background. Big D Ranch takes great pride in creating an animal that will put the pieces together for each operation. Every producer is not at the same point in their operation as their neighbor. We strive to hit all the markers with every animal we create even if it’s a little different package, (Brangus or Ultrablack). We want to offer each producer something that will help take your operation to the next level. We must persist in providing the pieces that your cow herd needs to keep you ahead of the game. We at Big D Ranch take great pride in providing your operation the genetics to ensure efficiency, longevity, structural correctness and power.
Big D Ranch will have an offering that will have something for any cattle operation weather you are in the market for Herd sires, Heifer bulls or females.
We look forward to seeing you on October 14th 2017 at the ranch in Center Ridge Arkansas for the “Building Your Tomorrow” Sale

Spring Bull Ultrasound Data 

Big D Ranch 2017 sale bull videos coming soon!



Big D Ranch 2016 Bull Videos

Big D Ranch Sale Catalog 2016

Yearling Bull Updated Information

Added Bull lots 62-65 Information


60 Brangus & Ultrablack Bulls • Coming 2 yr old Bulls and Yearling Bulls

Brangus Ultrablack Bull 2016Brangus Bull 2016


Brangus Bull For Sale 9790

Brangus Bull For Sale 9799

Brangus Bull For Sale 9758

60 Brangus Influence Commercial Females: Bred & Open Heifers

Open Heifers
Fall born Heifers
Out of Big D Ranch ultrablack commercial females and Big D Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls

Bred Heifers
Out of Big D Ranch Ultrablack females sired by Big D Ranch Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls
A few baldy’s in the offering
AI’ed to BDR Big Guns 541A5(Brangus bull) on 5/10/2016
Cleaned up from 5/21/2016 to 7/25/2016 with a high powered calving ease Angus bull

Bid D Ranch Bred Heifers 2016

Big D Ranch heifers 2016

Big D Ranch moving bulls 2016

2015 Sale Results

Big D Ranch 1st Annual Brangus and Ultrablack Bull & Female Sale Center Ridge, Arkansas

Saturday October 10, 2015
43 Bulls and 54 Females

Luke & Phillip

Phillip DeSalvo welcoming the crowd.

Sale Averages:
Coming 2 Year Old Brangus & Ultrablack Bulls–$4800.00
Yearling Bulls–$3500.00
Bred Commercial Heifers–$3200.00
Open Commercial Heifers–$1850.00
Great Turnout for 1st annual Bull and Female sale with attendees from 5 states. Wahrmund Farms of Springfield, Arkansas picked up BDR Yellowstone 541B which was the top selling bull of the day. Wahrmund Farms was also the total volume buyer of the day.
BDR 419 Ultra Sleepy 1632B and BDR 419 Sleepy 4B4 the 2nd and 3rd high selling bulls made their way to DeRidder, Louisiana with Marshall Kaufmann.
Volume Bull Buyer of the sale was Dixon Cattle Company of Russellville, Arkansas. Honeycutt Farms of Austin, Arkansas selected several heifers lots including the high selling lot of bred heifers to add to their herd.
Special thanks to Terry Rushing of Fox, Arkansas for purchasing the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Class (YCLC) Bull. Big D Ranch donated 100% of the proceeds to help support the continuation of YCLC.

All of us at Big D Ranch would like to thank everyone for coming out and helping make our first annual sale a success. It was a very emotional and encouraging day for our family. We look forward to continuing to provide the best Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls and females for your operation. Auctioneer and Marketing Agent was Luke Mobley.

Big D Ranch 2015 sale pics

Mark your calendars for Big D Ranch 2nd Annual Brangus and Ultrablack Bull & Female Sale Saturday, October 8, 2016.


Big D Ranch Bull Sale Catalog 2015

Update with scrotal measurement

Bull Videos:

Lot 2 • Lot 3 • Lot 4Lot 5Lot 6Lot 7Lot 8 • Lot 9Lot 10 • Lot 11 •  Lot 12 • Lot 13 • Lot 14 • Lot 15 • Lot 16 • Lot 17Lot 18 • Lot 19 • Lot 20Lot 21 • Lot 22 • Lot 23 • Lot 24 • Lot 25 • Lot 26Lot 27  • Lot 28 • Lot 29 • Lot 31 • Lot 32 • Lot 33 • Lot 34 • Lot 36 • Lot 37 • Lot 38 • Lot 39 • Lot 40 • Lot 41 • Lot 42 • Lot 43 • Lot 44 • Lot 45 • Lot 46 • Lot 47

Heifer Videos:

Lot A Bred Heifers • Lot B Bred Heifers • Lot C Bred Heifers • Lot D Open Heifers • Lot E Open Heifers • Lot F Open Heifers •
Lot G Open Heifers • Lot H Open Heifers • Lot I Open Heifers • Lot J Open Heifers • Lot K Open Heifers Lot L Open Heifers

Big D Ranch Bull Sale Ad GCC

Brangus & Ultrablack Coming 2s Bulls: 

541B, Lot 31

541B, Lot 31

Brangus Bull Big D Ranch 8450

1632B, Lot 22

1632B, Lot 22

Brangus Bulls 3789

Brangus Bulls 3790

Brangus Bull 13B2

BDR Ultra HANNIBAL 113B2 BW 80 WW 628 YW 1205 REA 16.05 IMF 3.57 FT .40

UltraBlack Bull 680B2

BDR Ultra Bossy 680B2 BW 86 WW676 YW 1340 REA 15.68 IMF 4.47 FT .26

UltraBlack Bull 1454

BDR Ultra Resolute 14B4 BW 76 WW 564 YW 1240 REA 17.04 IMF 4.01 FT .24

Brangus Bulls 3785

Big D Ranch Bull 2

BDR Yellowstone 541B BW 71 WW 622 YW 1415 REA 16.37 IMF 4.66 FT .51

1822B2 pic b

BDR Ultra Bossy 1822B2 BW 92 WW 640 YW 1,405 REA 17.44 IMF 3.59 FT .26

UltraBlack Bull 680B3

BDR Ultra Hannibal 680B3 BW74 WW 626 YW 1210 REA 18.22 IMF 3.83 FT .25

Brangus & Ultrablack Yearlings Bulls:

77B2, Lot 41

77B2, Lot 41

Brangus Bull Big D Ranch 8431

680B6, Lot 42

Brangus Yearling Bulls 8448

Brangus Ultrablack yearling bulls 8440

60 Brangus Influence Commercial Females: Bred & Open Heifers

Open Heifers are out of Big D Ranch Ultrabalck females
75% of these heifers are sired by 107T sons.
25% of these are sired by a polled Herford bull.

Bred Heifers are out of Big D Ranch Ultrablack females and sired by 107T sons.
AI’d to BDR Big Guns 541A5 on 5/5/2015, cleaned up with BDR Flight Deck 108A from 5/9/2015 to 7/22/2015

Brangus Heifers Big D Ranch 8421

Brangus Heifers Dib D Ranch 8416

Brangus Heifers Big D Ranch 8417

Brangus heifers 3778 (2)


Brangus Commercial heifers 3780 (2)

 big D Ranch Bull Sale 2015